Q: What do you take on consignment?
A: We are your one-stop party shoppe! If you used an item it is likely someone else would like to use it too! We will take everything from ready-made centerpieces to linens to vases to dresses to most items related to your event, party or wedding as long as they are clean and re-sellable.  Items can be handmade or purchased. Dresses need to be in current style, clean and not have any blemishes.

Q: How much do I get paid to consign?
A: You receive 50% of what your items sell for during your consignment period.

Q: How long do my items stay on consignment?
A: We have a 90 day contract period. Items are discounted 25% after 30 days, an additional 25% after the next 30 days and an additional 25% after an additional 20 days.

Q: Do I need an appointment to drop off my consignment?
A: No. You may stop in anytime we’re open. The first time consigning, we will meet with you to take a look at your items and have you sign a contract, after that you can drop off your items, filling out a drop off form.

Q: How are items priced?
A: We will work with you to arrive at a selling price that you are comfortable with, usually 30% – 60% below the retail price.

Q: Can I return items if I change my mind?
A: All sales are final. We are unable to process any returns or exchanges.

Q: Can I sell the items that I purchased after my event?
A: Absolutely!  You are welcome to bring your dress or any other item in for consignment. Items need to be in re-sellable condition and you will receive 50% of what your items sell for.